Triple Six Gin

The Devil is in the Details

Triple Six Dry Gin

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Apothecarist Inspired

Made from Tinctures

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Apothecarist Inspired

Made From Tinctures

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A premium Dry Gin that is Unconventional, Confident, Devilishly Good With a dash of Sophistication

A premium gin distilled using botanical tinctures inspired by the apothecarists of old to create a heady, enchanting gin that's devilishly good.

If you’re looking for a premium dry gin then you really must try Triple Six.

It’s the perfect gin to relax with when mixed with ice and your favourite tonic water.

When it’s time to party, it makes devilishly good gin-based cocktails too, where the sophisticated and slightly sweet flavour of Passion Flower adds that extra special taste.

We have extracted and blended botanicals using the essence of Passion Flower, Wormwood and Black Walnut to create tinctures which are then used in the triple six distilling process to create a dry gin like no other.  Heady and intoxicating in both aroma, taste and appearance.  Triple Six is a sophisticated, confident gin that is perfect for all occasions.

Like we say on the bottle – The Devil is in the details.


Gin of the Year 2021 Triple Six Dry Gin


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