Find out about our premium dry gin brand

17 March 2021

At Triple Six we are all about the details, so we thought we’d share the thought behind our brand.

We’ve gone to painstaking lengths to perfect the taste of our gin and like the apothecarists of old have endlessly blended botanicals to find what we believe is the perfect aroma and taste for our gin.

As a family business we set out to create a gin that would stand the test of time and become a legacy for our family for generations to come.   Once we had perfected the taste of the gin, we wanted to create a brand that would represent our product as well as our business vision and values.

The name Triple Six was inspired by our journey to produce the best possible gin, because to produce a great gin taste we realised the devil is in the details.  

We wanted our label to reflect that level of detail too and set about designing something that would capture our local family history, our focus and drive for perfection and our desire to shine.

Square and Compass 

Our ancestors were builders which is represented by square and compass.  I am are now building a legacy in distilling gin for my family.


The eye symbolises focus, clarity and vision. It’s represents our attention to detail to protect the quality of our gin and oversee our vision for the future.


The fence represents freeing your mind and being bold enough to think outside of the box.


Two magpies represent good luck, and they are also part of my Geordie heritage. They are attracted to shiny things, so we used a silver label.

Black Bottle

Is a nod to the mystery of the ancient apothecarists and distilling process and symbolises the sophistication and elegance of the gin.

The touch of red?  

Well, that represents our passion and love for gin.


Triple Six Gin